Honest Reasons for Sleeping With Your Phone

Honest Reasons for Sleeping With Your Phone

Recently, technology and sleep have become the topic of much debate. Well not so much debate as “health guru” journalists telling us to shut down technology 3 hours before bed – and then going home and probably not doing it themselves.

We know all about the potential risks of technology in the bedroom. Blue light messes with your sleep-inducing hormones, late night stimulation leaves your mind whirring, and alerts interrupt your slumber. The facts are there in black and white – you can’t argue with them.

Why haven’t you banished your phone to a lonely night time existence on the landing?

10 brutally honest reasons why people who tell you to sleep without your phone are wasting their breath

1. Morning phone alarms are painful enough without having to blunder into an entirely different room to switch the damn thing off

2. You think we’re prepared to sacrifice the iPhone snooze button? Think again

3. It’s impossible to resist the sound of a late night alert. Fight it all you want – but we all know you’ll fold eventually. Which in technology-free-bedroom land means getting out of bed

4. We like browsing Facebook and Instagram too much. There we said it

5. A phone out of sight is a phone exposed to technological invasion and social media embarrassment at the hands of children/ spouses/ flatmates/ dexterous pets

6. Secretly you want to receive that 2am call from your party-mad work colleague. Priceless entertainment in the office the next day

7. Analogue clocks are far too much effort. You think we’re going to willingly regress to a life of geometric calculations involving angles and glow-in-the-dark hands? No thanks

8. Without automated settings, Daylight Saving Time is a labyrinth of lateness and confusion just waiting to happen

9. Serious point: in the event of an emergency

10. And ultimately, who’s going to find out if you do sneak a peek at those late night notifications? Heck, you can browse all night and still claim to be a technology-free sleeper. The world will be none the wiser

And so, from the very bottom of our hearts, we wish you and your phone a lifetime of happy nights together.

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