Why To Use a Memory Foam Mattress in Your Motorhome

Why To Use a Memory Foam Mattress in Your Motorhome

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Memory foam mattress for motorhome

‘Tis the season for hopping in your motorhome and enjoying a Great British holiday. The only thing you’re not looking forward to is having to sleep on that uncomfortable bed. Not any more! Buy a memory foam mattress or topper for your motorhome and sleep like a dream when you’re on the road.

“Motorhoming memory foam miracle! 

We love our motorhome holidays but were experiencing increasing amounts of back ache, leg ache and sciatic pain due to a mattress affording little support coupled with cooler overnight temperatures. We have a memory foam mattress at home so we opted for a memory foam topper for the ‘van. What a difference! This summer we were comfortable and experienced no pain at all! The mattress kept us cool on warm evenings and was cosy on cooler nights. Definitely the best investment we have made for our motorhome!“ – Mary

Why You Should Travel With a Memory Foam Mattress

Hey, you’re on holiday! And if there’s one thing that you definitely shouldn’t have to deal with … it’s an uncomfortable bed. This is your time for relaxing and recuperating!

Motorhome holidays often include lots of walking, cycling and hiking. Memory foam will provide your muscles with all the support and comfort that they need to rest and recover, so you wake up feeling spritely and ready for the day ahead

Memory foam moulds to the curves of your body from head to toe, easing muscular tension in your upper body (a common result of long travelling)

Our Coolmax range of memory foam mattresses will help to regulate your temperature, and ensure that you sleep comfortably whatever the weather. 

Made to Measure Mattress Service

If your motorhome bed is slightly different from standard UK measurements, don’t worry. We can make mattresses and toppers to your exact measurements in our Yorkshire Mattress factory – that’s the brilliant thing about dealing with a UK manufacturer! Click here to find out more about this service, and get your free quote today.

Whatever size, shape or thickness of mattress you need to make your motorhome a dream to sleep in, we’re here to help. If you’d like some more advice or a quotation for a custom size memory foam mattress, give us a call or drop us an email. 

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