Turning trash Into treasure! Our eco-mission with the kids at SCRAP creative Leeds

Turning trash Into treasure! Our eco-mission with the kids at SCRAP creative Leeds

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We’ve learnt something new about mattresses this year – and it’s something you might find surprising. As it turns out, blissful sleep and luxurious comfort aren’t the only things they’ve got to give. Our Yorkshire mattresses are perfect for creating artistic masterpieces with too…

The SCRAP creative reuse project

It all started earlier this year when we heard about the SCRAP Creative Reuse Project in Leeds. This creative eco-friendly team help local businesses reduce wastage, transform the trash into treasure, and keep the kids entertained while they’re at it!

We thought it was absolutely brilliant. So we picked up the phone, talked to the team and joined the SCRAP Creative mission.

Mattress Masterpieces

Every few weeks, the SCRAP Creative van pulls into our yard. We fill it with mattress off-cuts such as foam, fabric and cardboard tubes. Our bits and bobs are whizzed back to The Tinker Lab (aka. SCRAP Creative’s HQ in Leeds) and then the magic happens.

If we gave you a heap of foam and fabric and told you to get creative, you’d probably think we’d lost the plot. But for the kids at SCRAP Creative Leeds, that’s just the kind of challenge they’re up for. Step aside Da Vinci and Van Gough, it’s all about mattress masterpieces these days.

Memory Foam Warehouse and SCRAP Creative Reuse Project Leeds

We are absolutely over the moon to be a part of the SCRAP Creative Reuse Project – and the wonderful thing is that you can get involved too. Families, schools, nurseries, community groups...everyone’s welcome to join in the creative fun.

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