The silent productivity killer costing UK businesses £109 MILLION every day

The silent productivity killer costing UK businesses £109 MILLION every day

In recent years, ‘perks of the job’ have taken on new prestige and importance. We celebrate Google and Facebook for their on-site gyms and recreational climbing walls. We aspire to be like Amazon and Apple, whipping up fresh nutritional meals for their staff on a daily basis. But how much do these fancy perks really contribute to the productivity of your workforce?

'British firms are losing on average 27.5 days of productive time per employee each year' - The Guardian, Aug 2017

Sleep – or rather a lack of it – is draining UK businesses. And the simple truth is that regardless of how many free salads and discounted gym classes we provide for heavy-eyed employees, poor sleep will continue to hold us back from reaching our full potential.

So far all we’ve managed to suggest is a way to publicly nap in the office The fatigue of the nation is nothing new. We’ve known about it for ages. And yet, all we’ve managed to suggest thus far is a quick nap in the office. We’ve walked on the moon, eradicated deadly diseases, and even solved the Enigma Code. But thinking of a practical way to help tired employees? That’s the real puzzler.

'Sleep deprived workers cost the UK £40 billion a year in lost productivity' - The Independent, Nov 2016

Naps can disrupt night time sleep patterns, resulting in even greater tiredness the next day

Frankly, most of us don’t want to nap at work. It blurs the line between our professional and private lives and that makes us feel uncomfortable

At the other end of the scale, time in the pods could be used as a ploy to avoid work, damaging productivity further

Technology start-up experienced the unproductive side effects of nap pods first-hand, as explained by chief operating officer and co-founder Nabeel Mushtaq:

"It didn’t take us long to figure out that naps were counter-productive. Six months into the nap programme, the once-efficient team was reaching only 55% of its weekly goals, down some 30 percentage points from before the sleep experiment” – BBC News, 2014

In short, 40 winks will not solve a £40 billion problem

Let’s regroup… 1) The root of the UK’s productivity crisis is poor quality sleep at night and 2) employees view ‘perks of the job’ as an increasingly important and desirable part of their package. So why not offer a perk which will help your employees sleep better? Now that’s an idea, isn’t it.

'Almost 2/3 of UK workers claim tiredness negatively impacts on productivity at work' - Willis Towers Watson Report, 2017

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