Move over breakfast in bed, dinner in bed is the new trend

Move over breakfast in bed, dinner in bed is the new trend

Dinner in bed is taking America by storm, with bed furnished restaurants popping up across the country. And this trend doesn’t stop in the USA, according to the Express, a quarter of us Brits are forgoing the dining table and sofa, opting to chow down on our daily meals in bed. But why do we choose to eat between the sheets? We do a bit of digging to find out why we are eating dinner in bed...


With a luxurious memory foam mattress, warm, cosy blankets and big fluffy pillows to boot, nowhere could be more comfortable than our beds. Is it any surprise that we never want to leave? Bring on the days of breakfast, lunch and dinner in bed!

Money saver

It’s dinner time, you’re hungry. Rather than spend a small fortune at a local restaurant, pop your pyjamas on, slip into bed and tuck into a homemade meal!

Can catch up on your favourite show

Dinner and a movie, one of our favourite past times. All of this from the comfort of our beds? Yes please!

Excuse to get into bed early

Transform your bed into a pseudo dining table and get snuggly in bed earlier than ever before (as if we needed another excuse)!

When you slip into that food coma, you’ll already be comfy in bed

The food coma, that feeling when you’re so full, your eyelids begin to droop and you drift off to sleep. Rather than wake up on the sofa a few hours later with a stiff neck and bad back, have your post food nap in the comfort of your bed.

It’s a natural progression from breakfast in bed

We’ve been having breakfast in bed for yonks, it’s only natural that this habit continues throughout the day, right!?

The Downsides of Eating Dinner in Bed


Unfortunately, nasty critters and eating in bed usually come hand-in-hand. Desperate to snack on our leftover crumbs, insects such as flies, ants and (prepare yourself) cockroaches are known to scuttle into our rooms.

To keep your bedroom a bug-free zone, the Huffington Post recommends washing your bed sheets every three days.


Whether you’re accident prone or not, do you really want to tempt fate by bringing food to bed? If the daredevil in you says yes, then don’t worry, although we can’t comment on your bed sheets, cleaning a memory foam mattress is easy peasy.


I don’t know about you, but the feeling of crumbs against my body at night while I’m trying to sleep is nothing short of horrible! Combine this with the fact that they’re so small you can’t even get rid of them, and you’re in for a restless night’s sleep.

Top Tip: To nip unwanted crumbs in the bud, consider following chef Nigella Lawson’s advice by taking a food towel to bed with you.

Does Eating in Bed Have an Effect on Sleep?

Well, yes and no. While certain foods help us to sleep better at night, how much of them we eat can be the difference between a restful night’s sleep and a sleepless night. According to Prevention magazine, eating too much before bed can send the gut into overdrive, keeping us awake.

Whether you swear by it or simply can’t stand it, we’ve all succumbed to eating in bed at some point in our lives (yes, that time you had pizza in bed to cure your hangover counts!). Heck, even fashion icon Marilyn Monroe was partial to eating in bed! So, next time you’ve had a long day at work, don’t be shy, grab some grub, switch on your favourite show and dine in the comfort of your own bed.

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