Let’s pillow talk sustainability - sleep easy with a green conscience

Let’s pillow talk sustainability - sleep easy with a green conscience

Here at Memory Foam Warehouse we want to be as sustainable as we possibly can, which means creating mattresses that are environmentally friendly, and giving our customers good advice on what to do with their old one.  

The UK threw away 7 million mattresses in 2017, which is modest compared to the 18.2m mattresses disposed of each year in the US.  Meanwhile, Zero Waste Scotland estimates that if the 600,000 mattresses annually discarded were placed on top of each other each year, the pile would be 100 times taller than Ben Nevis.

So, maybe we should rethink what we do with our old mattresses. First off, check out an earlier blog one the 10 best eco friendly ways to get rid of an old mattress as this gives some great tips on how to do everything except, erm, rock up at the tip.  Councils spend c£58m on clearing up fly-tipping each year, with old mattresses accounting for 19% of the total dumped in public spaces.

Assuming your mattress is clean, in good condition, and that it has a fire label “Carelessness causes fire” intact, then you’ll find that a number of charities such as the British Heart Foundation and British Red Cross will take it away from you for sale in one of their charity shops.  And don’t forget that you can also resell it on Facebook Marketplace, EBay and Gumtree,  But, safety comes first - so check for that label and only resell if it’s in a good, clean and hygienic condition.  Otherwise, as a last resort, your local council will take it away as a large item.

But you can make sustainable mattresses choices too, so get 2022 off to a great start and choose a mattress that not only feels good, but is good for the environment too.  Our Essentials Coolfoam 2000 Foam Mattress is a great choice if you’re looking for a medium-firm mattress that will regulate your temperature. It’s not only great at getting rid of excess heat, but the mattress is supported by a deep base of re-engineered eco-foam, which is 100% recycled and highly durable. It also comes with a 5 year warranty too!

Another eco-friendly choice is our Which? Best Buy Coolmax Hybrid Mattress which is packed with innovative features for a cool night’s sleep, and uses  TCCP free foam, which is better for the environment as it doesn’t use nasty environment-damaging chemicals.  Furthermore, waste foam from the production of these high tech mattresses is used in our aforementioned Essentials Coolfoam mattress.  Check out our recent blog on the Coolmax Hybrid Which? Best Buy  mattress to see all its features.

Finally, if you’re on a budget or want to bulk buy a few mattresses for several bedrooms in your new home, you can’t go far wrong with this great Essentials Homestarter Memory Foam Mattress which has an eco-friendly base 100% recycled base material.  It’s a great value for money buy with affordable price points that won’t keep you awake at night. It’s also super-easy to maintain thanks to its easy wash poly-knit cover.

And don’t forget, whatever mattress you choose you’re buying from a company which makes all its mattress from our UK base in Yorkshire, where we minimise packaging and lead the way on innovative ways to be as sustainable as possible.

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