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How to Select a Bed Frame

The average person spends about two-thirds of their lives sleeping, which means finding the perfect bed is a necessity. The foundation to every bed is its frame and we’re here to help by explaining how to select a bed frame that’s right for you and your sleeping needs.

Choosing a bed frame can feel like a monumental task; which brand, type and material to pick? From simple metal frames to four-poster beds, which one is right for you? Are you lacking in lustre or storage space? Aiming for decadence or convenience? Check out our how-to guide to decide on the right frame for you.

How to Choose a Bed Frame

We’ve broken choosing your frame down into several steps;

  1. Decide on your budget
  2. Measure your mattress and bedroom dimensions
  3. Don’t forget the height of your room and frame
  4. Choose the type of bed frame you need
  5. Choose the right size bed frame for your mattress
  6. Choose the bed frame material and size
  7. Do you want a headboard?
  8. Do you need built in storage?
  9. Do your research to find the best deals

Let’s take a closer look at these stages...


Bedroom Measurements

Two essential things to do before buying a bed frame;

  • Measure your room horizontally AND vertically
  • Measure your mattress (if you already have the perfect one) 

A bed is the focal point of every bedroom and therefore the size of your room can restrict how elaborate your frame is. Before you buy, it is essential to measure your room and decide where the bed will be positioned alongside any additional bedroom furniture. It’s important that your bed is in a ‘position of influence’ for good feng shui (if you’re into that!).

Begin by placing your mattress on the floor, (or use masking tape for an estimate), this will help you gain an insight into the space left around it. If your room can accommodate a large bed, you can set your sights on ornate wooden frames or even a Kaydian TV bed if you’re feeling extravagant. However, if your room is already a little restricted, go for a simple metal bed frame like the Aspire linen ottoman bed, to maximise storage space.

Don’t forget to measure upwards as well, to allow room for a headboard or even a four-poster or canopy bed for the more adventurous among us. A high ceiling deserves a bit of drama and excitement, but it’s important to remember that the larger bed frames will require disassembling and reassembling to fit through the door.

Bed Frame Sizes

If you already own the perfect mattress or have already used our mattress-buying guide to help you decide, choosing the correct bed frame can be mind-boggling, especially with a range of bed sizes available (often with a variety of names). The options are listed below:

  • Small Single
  • Single
  • Small Double
  • Double
  • King
  • Euro
  • Superking

Single Bed Frame

Our single mattresses measure 3'0 x 6'3, so if you have a single bed, ensure your bed frame is the right size. Most small single mattresses should work fine on a single bed frame.


Double Bed Frame

It’s worth noting that the double bed (4’6”), is the most commonly used bed in the UK. If you have a full-size mattress this is the bed frame you’re after, not to be confused with a small double, commonly known as a Queen size.

King Size Bed Frame

It’s important to be watchful of your king-size mattress - it may actually be a Superking, measuring 6’0” x 6’6” and also known as a California King. To make sure you’re on the right track, check out our mattress size guide to ensure your King Size mattress isn’t too big for its frame.

What is the Best Type of Bed Frame?

Simple metal bed frame in bedroom

Choosing the right bed and frame for your sleeping needs is essential. Here’s what’s on offer;

Divan Beds

Divan beds (or box spring beds) consist of a larger base that often includes extra springs. These are widely available and affordable, however they aren’t always the most stylish of choices.

Sprung Slatted Bed Frames

Slatted bed frames, also referred to as bedsteads or platform bed frames consist of a slatted frame with space underneath for extra storage. These types of beds can come in ornate metal designs or simple wooden finishes. The benefits of this type of frame is that you will be able to find one that suits your decor and there’s no need to buy a headboard separately.

Ottoman Bed Frames

Ottoman storage beds come with built in storage. Lift up the mattress to reveal space to store extra bedding, clothes or whatever you like! These are ideal for smaller bedrooms or if you lack storage space.

Interior of storage bed

TV Beds

If you’re looking for the ultimate in comfort and luxury, a TV bed is a fun investment. This type of bed features a built in space to fit a television for TV viewing from your pillow!

Types of Bed Frame Materials

When it comes to choosing the material your bed frame is made from, the main point to consider is whether it will fit in with your existing decor. Here’s an idea of what different types of frames can add to a room;

  • The bold statement: Leather beds
  • The classic: Wooden frames
  • The robust: Metal beds
  • The fond-favourite: Upholstered-frames

Whether your bed material is making a statement or chosen for comfort and relaxation, each one can be tailored for personal preference.

Wooden Bed Frame

Wood bed frames are a popular choice, providing a sturdy and long lasting base for a great night’s sleep. Wooden pieces of furniture lend your bedroom a natural warmth that can provide a soothing and relaxing feel.

Metal Bed Frame

The minimalists among us may suit a simple yet sturdy metal bed frame with neat, clean lines or an antique vintage style that exudes grace and style.

Metal bed frames combine practicality, durability and modern design. Whether it’s a Victorian style frame or sleek and modern, metal frames are a good choice for a range of bedroom styles.

For example, the Elizabeth Metal Bed Frame features a steel frame with modern circular finials on the headboard and foot end in contrasting brushed gold for an elegant finish.

Faux Leather Bed Frame

If you’re looking to make an impact, a leather bed frame provides a contemporary flourish to your bedroom.

Upholstered Bed Frame

If you’d prefer texture and colour an upholstered bed may be better suited to your taste. The Braunston fabric bed frame has vertically panelled headboard features, clean stitching detail and offers a soft, padded surface to rest on.

Close up of upholstered headboard and pillow

How do I Choose the Right Bed? Other Factors to Consider

Once you’ve chosen the type and style of bed frame you’re after, there are some other important factors to consider before you buy;

What is the Point of a Headboard?

Do you need a headboard? Headboards can add warmth and comfort if you often sit up in bed, as well as providing a focal point for your bedroom. They can also prevent your pillows from slipping down the side of the bed!

If you opt for a slatted bed, the headboard is already built in, so it’s only really relevant for divan beds.

How Much Weight Can a Bed Frame Hold?

If you carry a lot of extra weight or have a heavy super king mattress, it’s worth checking how much weight your bed frame can hold. Broken slats under your mattress can have a negative impact on your sleep so should be avoided at all costs!

Where Is the Bed Frame Going?

Looking to redecorate a spare room or refurbish a kids bedroom to allow for more storage? Here are some options to help you decide what’s best for your space;

A useful guest room feature is a daybed as it can be used as an office or study when you’ve finished hosting or simply somewhere to lounge. The frames can be made out of metal, wood or a combination of both to accommodate your individual style.

Another option to free up precious storage space is to buy a trundle bed which is perfect for kids’ sleepovers. This works by slotting one bed under another and can even be designed to ‘pop-up’, to make both beds the same height. The classic bunk bed (which is also available in a trundle style to create three beds) or loft beds are an obvious, yet effective way to make a bedroom more space-efficient. As mentioned earlier, an Ottoman bed is the storage-saving solution to minimise clutter.


Where to Buy Bed Frames?

You should now be well equipped to choose the right bed frame for your bedroom and budget. We offer a wide range of bed frames online, from wooden to metal, ottomans to TV beds. Start browsing bed frames to find your fit.

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