Home Office Bedroom Ideas that won’t Compromise on Comfort

Home Office Bedroom Ideas that won’t Compromise on Comfort

Unless you live in a house big enough to accommodate a master bedroom and spare rooms, creating a home office can be challenging. It either means clearing out a guest room, dining room or even your living area and moving a desk set in there.

Here’s the good news: you don’t need to sacrifice a room in your house to have an office at home. You can seamlessly combine a bedroom and workspace to create a space-saving home office bedroom!

We've got some creative home office bedroom ideas to transform your bedroom into a workable home office, without compromising on comfort or space.

Master Bedroom Office Design

If you have a spacious master bedroom, consider incorporating a full desk set-up for your workday. Position your desk near a window for a view that incorporates maximum natural light to lift your mood. 

The most important factor to consider for your home office design is to have a room which is ⅔ bedroom and ⅓ workspace. Your DIY office shouldn’t cramp your bedroom style and aesthetics and should have plenty of room for your bed, bed frame and furniture.

Make sure you have enough space to comfortably walk around and choose a desk and chair that will seamlessly fit with your overall bedroom theme. Look for a chair that tucks under the desk to create more space when you’re not working and a desk with plenty of storage to tuck away supplies.

Small Bedroom Home Office

For those that aren’t lucky enough to have a large bedroom, there are efficient workspace designs for a smaller area, you just need to be a little more creative. Try swapping your bedside table for a desk. This gives you all the functionality of both a desk and nightstand in one and it also means you have one less furniture piece to purchase! 

Corner Bedroom Office

The corner of your bedroom is ideal for a work desk. Add shelves and cabinets to store documents and equipment and you have the perfect space-efficient home office set up. There are plenty of elegantly designed corner desks to transform a quarter of your bedroom into a hub of productivity.

Desk Under a Loft Bed

Loft bedrooms are designed for home offices; these beds allow ample room for a cosy desk-set up and a perfect way to separate your sleeping space and office area. Place your loft bed on the adjacent wall to a window to ensure your desk is illuminated by natural light and purchase a desk lamp to use once the sun goes down. 

Creative Home Office Ideas

Bookcase with a Desk

If you think you have absolutely no extra room for study space, think again! Transforming your bookcase into a desk sneaks an office into even the smallest of bedrooms. Many wall-mounted bookcase models double up as a work area and feature a desk in place of lower shelves. This creative design idea is space-efficient; combining functional storage with a workspace. 

Vanity Table Workspace

A vanity table doesn’t solely exist for makeup purposes - why not use it as an office space when you’re not pampering and preening? Many vanity units have a fold-down mirror; instantly converting it from a makeup station to an office desk. Mount a pin board onto the wall behind the table for essential to-do lists and post-it notes. 

Take over a Section of your Wardrobe

Make some room in a shelved wardrobe with space underneath for a chair for your very own miniature office. Ensure the doors open wide enough so that you have adequate work space and if your DIY skills stretch far enough - fit warm lighting into your wardrobe to transform it into a cosy work cubby-hole. A space-saving solution for a small area. 

Add Translucent Doors to a Walk-In Wardrobe

For those fortunate enough to have a walk-in wardrobe; add translucent door panels to your cupboard space. This will not only bring in natural light but offer a privacy screen from the home office. This is an effective and innovative way to separate your sleep and work areas.

What to Consider when Decorating your Home Office Bedroom

When it comes to creating the perfect atmosphere for a home office, consider the importance of interior design. The layout, lighting and furnishings should all be taken into consideration when decorating your sleep/work environment. 

We dive deeper into the following topics;

Make it Warm and Inviting

Build warmth in your home office with oils, candles and scented sprays. Scents are powerful in creating and altering your mood. Warm lighting alongside framed custom artwork will brighten the space and encourage you to spend more time in your home office.

Choose the Right Lighting

Illuminate your space with task lighting - either position your work area by a south-facing window for natural light, by a desk lamp or under warm-toned spotlights.

Choose a Low-Profile Desk

In a small space, a low-profile desk is key to keeping things visually light. You'll be able to add in a home office area almost anywhere without taking the emphasis off the pièce de résistance of your bedroom: the bed and bed frame

Don’t Overcrowd the Room

After fitting in the bedroom essentials: a bed, wardrobes and a bed-side table, it doesn’t leave you much room for an office, particularly in a smaller space. Try to de-clutter before building your workspace so that you’re not working in an overcrowded space.

Now your bedroom has been successfully doubled-up as a home-decorated office, ensure your sleeping space is as comfortable and inviting as possible with a luxury mattress. Explore our extensive collection of memory foam mattresses, mattress toppers and memory foam pillows to take your bed to the next level.

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