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Best Podcasts To Help You Sleep: The MFW Edition

Struggling to drift off? Switching off at the end of a long and busy day is sometimes easier said than done. No wonder sleep inducing podcasts are becoming a popular solution.

With so many out there to choose from, we thought we’d review some of the best sleep podcasts to help you sleep. From weird and wonderful tales to meditation techniques, here’s the best of the best for your sleep deprived ears.


Bedtime Storytelling

For calming bedtime tales, the following podcasts won’t disappoint;


Sleep With Me Podcast

This podcast has become a lifesaver for the perpetually sleep deprived. Drew Ackerman, or ‘Dearest Scooter’ as he prefers to go by takes you on a long and rambling journey describing the most boring story he can find. What may sound dull may actually be the key to achieving that much-needed shut-eye, especially with the healthy dose of surrealist humour the narrator throws in.

Game of Drones

This podcast is actually an off shoot of Sleep with Me. So, if you like Ackerman, you’re likely to find this one a good fit. The narrator does the seemingly impossible by transforming the action-packed TV hit into the most monotonous thing you’ve ever heard in your life. Trust us- his gravelly tones will have you snoring in no time.

Story Not Story

This husband and wife pair have decided to open up their marital bed to listeners all over the world as they tell each other bedtime stories to fall asleep to. These spontaneous short stories are made up on the spot- so you can expect maximum weirdness.

Story Not Story even accepts suggestions from keen listeners!

New Yorker Fiction

If you’re into fiction, this discerning podcast is for you. Listen to Deborah Treisman’s soothing voice as she regales you with excerpts from popular writers such as Margaret Atwood and Orhan Pamuk. Each week, a guest is invited to read and critique a piece of fiction. This is bedtime stories for grownups.

The Great Detectives of Old Time Radio

If your brain won’t stop whirring with all the tasks you’ve got to complete in the morning, a good old murder mystery may be just what the doctor ordered. The Great Detectives of Old Time Radio features detective stories from the past, all told with a crackly vintage radio twist. We challenge you to stay awake long enough to find out whodunnit!

Welcome to Night Vale

Welcome to the desert town of night vale, a strange place where mysterious figures lurk and unexplained phenomena occurs. This twice-monthly podcast is ideal if you like bizarre stories when the lights go out.

In Our Time

Where would we be without the endlessly reassuring Radio 4? This classic podcast combines historical figures with cultural phenomena as Melvyn Bragg and his team of experts discuss people and events through history. As fascinating as their insights are, it’s soothing enough to get you ready for slumber.


What’s more sleep inducing than having poetry and classic stories from your childhood read to you as you snuggle up in bed? That’s just what you get with Sleepy, a fiction podcast narrated by Otis Gray. Let Gray’s soothing baritone transport you to the land of nod.


Sleep Techniques

Sometimes we need a little extra help when it comes to sleep. The following podcasts are full of helpful tips and techniques to get you sleeping well, every night of the week;

The Daily Meditation Podcast

Meditation can be a tricky nut to crack. Luckily, this daily meditation podcast series keeps things simple. Each guided meditation centres on a theme and lasts from 3-10 minutes. Learn to let go of negative emotions, declutter your mind and find some inner calm while getting your sleep routine back on track.

Sleep Better With Help From Science

This sleep podcast bestows you with the tools you need to get a great night’s sleep. Far from being a short-term quick fix, this podcast provides long-term solutions to help sort your sleep cycle, all backed by science.


Sensory Sounds for Sleep

Does the pitter patter of rain at your window get you feeling sleepy? If so, the following podcasts could be right up your street;

ASMR Sleep Station

If you’re not already familiar with the wonders of ASMR, it’s time to find out what it’s all about. Short for autonomous sensory meridian response, ASMR is all about those tactile sounds that help you relax. Think soft whispers, nail tapping or hair brushing.

While there’s lots out there, we thought this sleep station was the most different- featuring a whispering voice retelling whole Wikipedia entries. You’ll be asleep in seconds.


Another one for the ASMR converts, the Atmospheric podcast features hour long episodes of sensory sounds. Choose from trickling streams, rattling trains or leaves crunching underfoot. Soothing sounds to help you sleep.


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