Memory Foam Warehouse vs. Tempur

Memory Foam vs Tempur
When it comes to memory foam mattresses, the first name that probably springs to mind for you is TEMPUR (we know they’re often on our mind!) But what comes to mind when we hear TEMPUR?; they are a trusted brand, they produce high quality memory foam mattresses and products, and you can be sure that a TEMPUR mattress will be accompanied by a fairly high price tag, one that so many people can justify with the benefits that come with it.

A quality memory foam mattress will do all that it promises, it will offer support and extraordinary comfort, and for people suffering with back pain, arthritis, and other joint problems, the relief a memory foam mattress offers is priceless.

As sleep experts, we spend plenty of time talking to our customers about what they need, and what we have discovered from so many of you is that memory foam is often associated with high expense in comparison to other types of mattress, but we know the fact is you can have a quality memory foam mattress without spending a fortune!

We have looked at our Superior Outlast 1000 memory foam mattress in comparison with the TEMPUR Original 20 mattress, with some interesting results! So considering that the total depth of both mattresses is 20cm, let’s take in to account some important features to give a fair comparison:
Memory Foam Warehouse vs. TEMPUR
Memory Foam Depth: Our Superior Outlast 1000 has a 10cm memory foam layer, offering optimum comfort and support. The Original 20 has a TEMPUR foam depth of 9cm, comprising of a 2cm comfort layer and 7cm support layer, meaning our Superior Outlast 1000 has a slightly deeper layer of memory foam than the TEMPUR Original 20.

Memory Foam Density: The density of TEMPUR foam is 85kg/m3, which is a high density foam offering plenty of support. The density of our Superior Outlast 1000 is 75kg/m3, although slightly less than the TEMPUR foam, 75kg is still very high density memory foam that will offer a superb level of support, and will mould to the contours of your body, ensuring your spine is correctly aligned throughout the night, reducing the need to toss and turn by up to 80%.

Mattress Cover: As the name implies, the Superior Outlast 1000 features a zipped, removable and washable Outlast cover. Outlast is a NASA approved, space certified technology. Outlast material effectively draws out and stores heat energy from the body, and then releases it when you need it, meaning you won’t be too hot or too cold, but just right during the night. The TEMPUR mattress features a removable and washable polyester cover.

And the difference in price?

A double TEMPUR Original 20 mattress will cost you £1699

A double Memory Foam Warehouse Superior Outlast 1000 mattress will cost you just £379.99!

That’s a difference of over £1300 on a comparable product!