Memory Foam FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Memory Foam Mattress Benefits

How is a memory foam mattress good for my back?
Memory foam moulds to the contours of your body and allows you to sleep in the most anatomically correct position, encouraging a straight spine and good posture. The visco-elastic foam mattress moulds with your body heat and the downward pressure you exert on it - therefore it supports you evenly, removing areas of high pressure that you would get with a standard, sprung mattress.

What other benefits does a memory foam mattress have?
A memory foam mattress is ideal for promoting a restful sleep. Studies have shown that because of its supportive nature, it reduces the amount of tossing and turning by up to 80% - one of the key causes of restless sleep. Relief to pressure points also means improved blood circulation, perfect for people who suffer from swollen joints. We get many customers commenting on how they have slept better than ever before on their new memory foam mattress.

Is a memory foam mattress suitable if I suffer from allergies?
Memory foam is ideal for allergy sufferers as the sanitized foam is a dust-mite preventative, perfect for asthma sufferers especially. Our memory foam mattresses are also hypo-allergenic and antibacterial. We have had a number of customers’ report that they have benefitted from this attribute of the memory foam sleep experience.

Memory Foam Mattress Care

Do I need to turn my memory foam mattress?
No, you must not turn your memory foam mattress; however we do recommend that it is rotated head-to-foot on a regular basis.

How long can I keep my mattress or topper rolled for?
Most of our mattresses and toppers are delivered rolled. We do not recommend that you keep your mattress in a rolled state for longer than a two month period. Visit our rolled mattresses page for more information.

Can the mattress cover be washed?
Yes, you can wash your mattress cover at 40°C. However, please DO NOT tumble dry mattress covers.

Can I use an electric blanket with my memory foam mattress?
We would not recommend the use of hot water bottles or electric blankets as they reduce the effectiveness of the memory foam due to its heat sensitive properties.

Memory Foam Information

Will I be too hot sleeping on a memory foam mattress?
No, Due to your body having more contact with the mattress, and with improved blood circulation due to the pressure relieving qualities, it can feel slightly warmer. Use good quality cotton sheets and a lighter weight duvet for a cooler sleep. We also offer mattresses with CoolMax and Outlast temperature regulating fabrics to offer an effective solution for the problem of overheating.

What is Coolmax?
Coolmax is a unique fabric, which offers a cooler night’s sleep by whisking away moisture and allowing breathability. The Coolmax fabric is air permeable, fast drying and resists fading, wrinkling and shrinking.

What is Outlast?
Outlast is a NASA approved, temperature regulating fabric, which stores body heat when you get too hot and then releases it again when you become too cold. This means you will not feel too hot or too cold, but just right during the night.

Is there any weight restriction on the mattresses?
For people over 25 stones speak to a staff member about our new tailor made Bariatric mattress range.

What does 55kg density mean?
Anything above 50kg is considered high density memory foam. Generally, the higher the density, the higher the quality of memory foam. However, different manufacturers use different sources of foam, some of which are lower quality, which means they are more prone to breaking down after a period of time. You can be sure that Memory Foam Warehouse uses only the best quality and most suitable grades of foam, using our experience in manufacturing for the healthcare markets to bring you products that offer the best support and comfort at the best prices.

Can I put my memory foam mattress on a slatted base?
Yes, a slatted base is recommended however, any base is fine providing it is structurally sound.

What is the difference between memory foam and ordinary foam?
Memory foam is heat sensitive. It feels firm when cold and softer when warm, which allows it to mould to your body as your body heat acts upon it. Normal Polyurethane foam does not respond to temperature.

How long does a memory foam mattress last?
We would expect a memory foam mattress to last between 10 to 15 years dependent on care and quality, although it is often recommended that if you want to maintain the optimum sleep environment then you should consider a new mattress after just 7 years. A memory foam mattress is one of the most durable types of mattress due to the properties of the foam. Read our blog page How Long Does a Memory Foam Mattress Last for more info.

Memory Foam Warehouse Information

Can I get a non-standard size mattress?
Yes, Memory Foam Warehouse can offer bespoke sizes and we have done so for customers who want the luxury sleep experience in their caravans, yachts and even for tents. We can manufacture by measurement or by template for complicated applications. Delivery for bespoke orders can be under a week, although you should allow up to 3 - 4 weeks. Contact us for a quote.

Do you offer a trial period?
Yes, here at Memory Foam Warehouse we understand that buying a new mattress can be difficult, however we are so confident that our mattresses will give you a good night’s sleep that we are offer a 60 night trial period for total peace of mind.

Is there a warranty on the mattress?
All Memory Foam Warehouse mattresses carry a limited 12-month warranty. You will find specific product guarantees with the details for each individual product.

Do your mattresses comply with safety regulations?
Memory Foam Warehouse mattresses comply with UK furniture and fire regulations. Beware of buying from less scrupulous traders as some are imported and sold that do not comply with these regulations.


What if I’m not home when my product is delivered?
We cannot leave deliveries unsigned for. The delivery driver will leave a card to say that we have attempted to deliver and how to arrange re-delivery. You can request at the time of order to leave the item with a neighbour. For full information please see our delivery page.

How will the bed base be delivered?
All bed bases except for divans come flat packed for you to assemble.

Do you take my old mattress away?
For health and hygiene reasons we do not currently offer a service to remove your old mattress.