How Often Should I Change My Mattress Cover?

    A mattress cover should be an essential item for every household however some people still consider it to be an item for young children. If you are serious about keeping your mattress and bedding in a good condition then you should be using a mattress cover. Mattress covers are also known as mattress protectors because they act as a protective barrier between you and your mattress.

    How often should I change my mattress cover

    The benefits of a mattress cover

    Mattress covers should be used on every bed in your household but do you really understand their purpose? A mattress protector will shield your mattress from any stains whether you spill your coffee or in fact you have a small child which is being potty trained.

    Mattress covers will protect you from any dust mites or allergens making them suitable for asthma sufferers and those who have had their mattress for a while. It is advised to replace your mattress every 7 years but if you are unable to do this then a mattress cover will keep your bedding and health in a better condition than if you were to go without.

    An average person sweats about one litre each night which is not a nice thought. To keep your mattress and bedding in good condition, a cooling mattress cover will absorb any liquid to reduce unwanted stains from appearing on your mattress. While the mattress cover absorbs excess liquid, it will keep you also keep you dry.

    Some mattress covers come with padding included adding extra comfort and support. As previously mentioned, a mattress should last you a good amount of years and with the addition of the mattress cover this will increase the lifespan of your mattress and keep it a clean environment for you to sleep in.

    When to wash your mattress cover

    It is easy to forget to wash your mattress cover as you don't want to go a night without it on your bed. Wash your mattress cover when it starts to look dirty and even better if you wash it before that. You should attempt to wash your cover every other week or at least once a month.

    Spills or accidents should be dealt with as soon as possible so your mattress cover will remain in good condition. Mattress covers from children's beds will need to be change more regularly as there is a chance of soiling.

    When to replace your mattress cover

    As with most things, mattress covers don't last forever. The older that the cover is then the less it will be working on protecting you and your mattress. The average mattress cover should be replaced annually. Many mattress warranties become void is your mattress becomes stained so in the long run replacing your mattress cover will turn out to be better value for money than changing your mattress.

    If you find that your mattress cover is getting quite a lot of use and is becoming a little worse for wear then try to replace every 4 to 6 months to keep your mattress protected. Over time the fabrics in the mattress cover will become worn, especially with excessive washing so you may become less shielded from allergens and dust mites.