How Much Should You Spend on a Mattress?

    Mattresses can range anywhere for a couple of hundred quid to thousands but does a higher price tag necessarily mean you will be getting a higher quality of mattress? This is a complicated question as it has multiple answers. Mattresses all start off at around the same price but when some prices stay low other sky rocket.

    how much should you spend on a mattress
    As with any business you have to factor in the cost to manufacture, extra materials, labour costs and transport. This is where the price gap comes from. A company sourcing and manufacturing mattresses abroad and then selling in the U.K will usually cost more as they have to be transported to the store. Not only that, you are also paying for the brand name so it is best to browse different mattresses. You may be able to get a very similar mattress so a lot cheaper because it isn't a well-known brand.

    Give Yourself a Budget

    Before you visit a mattress supplier you need to come up with a budget. A budget is extremely important as many mattress salespeople are commission based and you don't want to get caught up in the moment just because they are saying all the right things. It is easy to add little extras when you're in a shop because it seems like such a good idea. Your budget will rein you in from making any irrational purchases. By informing the sales team that you have a budget will help them to show you items that are in your price range and be able to find you deals.

    Try not to limit yourself to a small budget. With mattresses you are paying for quality aside from a brand name. A low budget starting at a couple of hundred quid will not get you a good investment. When it comes to your health and comfort always spend as much as you can afford. You will not need to re-mortgage your house but consider putting aside around £500.

    Think of your mattress in the same way you think of your car or your sofa. Spending that little extra will give you extra quality. A low budget could buy you a mattress that is suitable as a temporary solution such as for university or if you have a spare bed that is rarely used. Apart from that try to steer clear of any bargain bins, to stop you having to buy another in the not too distant future.

    Take a Test Drive

    We spend one third of our lives asleep so you need to make sure that this mattress is going to be comfortable. When you are looking around a mattress store, don't be afraid to lie on the bed. Everybody does it and you will thank yourself afterwards. On paper it may seem like the perfect mattress for you but if it is too firm or too soft you will not feel the benefits when you're sleeping.

    A test drive is not you sitting in the driving seat, it is you taking the car out for a spin. Treat your potential new mattress the same way. Ask a member of staff for a pillow, close your eyes and imagine yourself in your room. Get in your sleeping position and ask yourself if you are comfortable, is it soft enough for you and if it is suitable for you and your partner.

    Mix and Match

    A key part of choosing a mattress is deciding which firmness you want. Choosing a firmness is dependent on your sleeping position and your weight. This way you can choose a mattress which is comfortable for you and your needs and your partner can choose theirs. Then you simply zip the mattresses together and you are ready to go. By choosing this method you will eliminate any roll together factor meaning the mattress won't sink in the middle over time. The zips are covered by a seam so it will look like a regular mattress but feel sensational.

    Guarantees and Warranties

    A bonus with spending more on a mattress is that you will usually get a longer warranty. This isn't always true but in most cases. If you are spending a small amount on a mattress then your guarantee will reflect this and be shorter. For a £200 mattress your guarantee may only be a couple of years.

    Buying a mattress can be an exciting time, it's like a new era but it isn't a task you want to have to complete every two years. Aside from superior comfort, a £1,000 mattress could give you a 10 year warranty. Spending any more than that and you can sometimes receive a 25 year warranty.

    A guarantee gives you the opportunity to try your mattress out at home. It is the same with anything really, in a shop with fluorescent lights and upbeat music you can be swayed to purchase anything then when you get home and realised what you've bought, you find yourself wondering what possessed you. A guarantee allows you to change your mind and take back any ill purchases.

    A new mattress is an investment and you will be using it every night so if it is not right then you should take it back. Guarantees usually last around 30-60 days but make sure you check with the store as you don't want to be left with the wrong mattress.