Designer Mattresses: Meet Sid


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Sid launched with two stunning mattress covers which let you mix and match to tailor to your decor, personality, or even your mood. It's the simple way to transform your bedroom - without the usual hassle and outlay. Don't be afraid to show it off. 

Are you still hiding your embarrassing beige mattress under a sheet? It's time to Switch. Because style never sleeps. Until now. Sleep with Sid.

Denim Mattress

Nothing says cool like denim. A denim mattress is bound to get people talking. Your bed is the focal point of your bedroom. A stylish bed can bring everything together to create a contemporary look worth shouting about. 

Our range of modern beds fuse cutting-edge design with leading performance. Choose a Sid designer bed and be on your way to experiencing the best sleep of your life. 

Noir Mattress

Want a closer look at your other option? In sleek grey designed to complement the latest decor, the Sid Noir mattress is sure to take pride of place in on-trend bedrooms across the country.

Perfect for those who want to take a stand against standard styles, these are some of the most comfortable mattresses around. A good night’s sleep is always on the menu - thanks to these hand-crafted products.

Features of These Luxury Mattresses

Of course, it’s not all about looks. The best products also need to offer high levels of comfort and support. Luckily, these foam mattresses create the perfect night’s sleep, thanks to:

What’s Your Size?

We know that bedrooms come in all different shapes and sizes. Whether you live in a mansion or a studio, we’ve got a bed for you. 

The Sid bed comes in the following sizes:

How Does it All Work?

Sid is for those who are sick of following the crowd, or sticking to boring beige colour schemes. It’s for those with the hidden designer within them, or who simply have a taste for style.

What might surprise you, therefore, is that there’s an exact science behind Sid mattresses and how they work. A lot of work goes into crafting the perfect night’s sleep. 

The Signature Pocket

Say goodbye to the days of grasping hopelessly for your phone in the middle of the night. A handy pocket on the side of the Sid mattress cover is the perfect place to keep your phone while you rest. Sleep soundly, safe in the knowledge your phone will be exactly where you left it, night after night. 

Denim Meets Luxury

This isn’t your standard polyester cover. Sid only uses the best, premium cotton to make the mattress covers. Just like a trusty pair of denim jeans, the natural materials are designed to gradually fade and crease to reflect your individuality. High-end yarn is used to create the look of denim, without the negative impacts on the environment. 

Anti-Allergy Comfort 

Bedding made with synthetic fibres like 100% polyester can irritate sensitive skin. Sid is different. The hypoallergenic surface material of the top layer of our covers provides relief for allergy sufferers while a breathable weave helps keep airflow circulating. Breathable, top-quality and kind on skin. 

A Machine Washable Layer

No need for a waterproof mattress protector, the mattress cover is machine washable! The premium zipper allows the cover to be easily removed in no time. Revive in the washing machine to keep your Sid feeling fresh.  The top, quilted layer of our denim mattress covers provide added comfort to help you get the best night’s sleep possible. This works in a similar way to a memory foam mattress topper!

What Lies Under the Surface?

The Sid mattress is a memory foam dream, designed with both performance and style in mind. Memory foam provides better support and comfort than any other type of mattress due to its high density. The elasticity of the material allows it to spring back into shape, and air pockets provide ventilation for a breathable feel. 

Here are just some of Sid’s star qualities:

Boxed Mattresses

Looking for a bed in a box? Look no further - as your Sid mattress will arrive perfectly packaged and delivered to your door. Simply unbox, let it expand, and you’re ready to enjoy it in all its delight.

How to Choose a Mattress

It can be difficult narrowing down your selection and choosing the right product for you. From pocket springs to orthopaedic, there are a number of terms to get your head around. However, a mattress buying guide can help you make your selection. You should weigh up these factors:

Sleeping Position

Side, back, front - the position you sleep in plays a significant role on the mattress you should choose. For example, those who sleep on their front should look for firm support. This helps ensure that your spine is adequately supported and doesn’t bend while you sleep. Meanwhile, side sleepers or those who move around a lot should look for something softer.


You can still achieve a luxury feeling without breaking the bank - so there’s no need to blow your budget. Have an idea of how much you can spend and try sticking to it. 

Also, consider where this mattress is going. If it’s for a rented home or guest bedroom, you may be able to spend a little less. But, remember, when looked after properly, your mattress can last years - so it can be an investment.

Bed Frame

Your bed frame will play a significant role in how much comfort you receive at night. Choose a durable, high-quality one to ensure your mattress lasts as long as possible. Avoid weak bases or wide-spaced slats to prevent mattress sag. In short: if you look after your mattress, it will look after you. 

Room Size

How big is the room this mattress is intended for? Consider the logistics of size and what is required. 

Why Choose Memory Foam Warehouse?

We take pride in our work and place our customers at the heart of what we do. Here are some of the special features and added extras you can expect when you buy a mattress online with us:

100 Night Trial

Many of our mattresses, including these Sid designs, include a 100 night mattress trial. This allows you to test your purchase for a set period of time to decide whether it’s right for you. If not, you can arrange an exchange or refund with minimal hassle or fuss. 

Price Match

It’s our mission to ensure you can take advantage of the best deals on the market. For this reason, we offer a price match guarantee across all of our products. If you find a similar item for a cheaper price, we’ll match it.

Mattress Outlet

If you want to test your product before you make your final decision, visit our mattress outlet store in Wakefield. Here, you can discover a range of high-quality items at significant discounts - up to 70% off compared to the high street. This includes everything from memory foam pillows to new bed frames. 

UK Manufacturer

We pride ourselves in supporting British jobs - every item in our online store is manufactured in the UK. Your purchase will in turn support a British industry and local jobs.

Here are the details of the different product components and where they’re manufactured:


Our mattresses carry a significantly lower carbon footprint than imported products.

Plus, we’re careful to recycle where we can. All our off cuts in foam production are used in our Sports Division and made into crash matts for gyms and sports clubs.

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