Essentials memory foam mattresses


Features of Our Cheap Foam Mattresses

Everything within our affordable Essentials range is manufactured to the highest possible quality while boasting factory direct prices. Some of the features you can expect to benefit from include:

Combined, these ensure you get a good night’s sleep every night of the week. Your level of comfort is of utmost importance to us. We believe you deserve to achieve this - without a hefty price tag. 

A Closer Look at Our Range 

Unsure which is the right pick for you? We’re shining a spotlight on some of our top picks and best sellers to help you narrow down your selection. Here’s a closer look at everything you need to know to make an informed purchase. A mattress buying guide can also help you make your choice! 

Eco-Friendly Beds

Want to make more conscious purchasing choices? This eco-friendly mattress is designed with the planet in mind. Not only is it durable, supportive and firm - it has many unique features to get excited about. This includes dust-mite resistance and a 5-year warranty. This ensures you’ll be sleeping in a hygienic environment. 

So, how does it all work? The base is made from re-engineered eco-foam which is 100% recycled. This means you can sleep soundly on a comfortable surface in the knowledge you’re making ethical choices. The best part is that this bed is extremely affordable, without compromising on comfort. 

Cheap Memory Mattresses

At Memory Foam Warehouse, we believe quality doesn’t need an expensive price tag. Our Essentials Homestarter mattress is just one example of this. Complete with a memory foam density layer than adds cushioning and support, this product is hugely popular. It provides both pressure relief and temperature sensitivity.

We’re confident you’ll receive everything you require for a great night’s sleep. The poly-knit cover helps to add a feeling of softness and comfort while keeping your product hygienic. This can also be easily unzipped and washed. A restful night’s sleep awaits - without breaking the bank.

If you’re looking for something more, our Essentials Plus memory foam mattress might be better suited to you. Simply lay down, sink in and drift off! Effortlessly relieving pressure from any joints and muscles, you’ll find you wake up feeling refreshed every morning. 

This particular product is made from the latest generation of foam, which has been specifically designed to improve airflow. This ensures you maintain your optimum temperature at night. Comfort is hugely important - and something we aim to provide. The 20cm mattress depth is perfect for a range of sleepers. 

Reflex Foam Mattresses

Our Essentials reflex foam mattress offers high support at a low price. It’s a hugely popular option for those tired of tossing and turning at night, or who suffer from any joint pain. The firmness makes it particularly well-suited to those who sleep on their back or front. It ensures you’ll remain comfortable and supported throughout.

Along with this, there are a number of other exciting features. This includes hypoallergenic materials and an open-cell technology that allows the material to breathe. Together, these ensure you’re sleeping in a clean and comfortable environment. 

Which is the Best Memory Foam Mattress?

The best memory foam mattress for your needs is entirely down to personal preference. Do you prefer a firm feel or a soft feel mattress? Are you looking for cooling qualities or a cheap orthopaedic mattress? It differs from person to person. 

The Best Inexpensive Memory Foam Mattresses

The most important thing to bear in mind when shopping for the best price memory foam mattress is that you don’t compromise on the quality! Or else what’s the point, right?

The Essentials range consists of some of the best cheap mattresses that are low on cost but still high on quality. The affordable collection has something for everybody. 

The Essentials Nautilis Memory Foam Mattress is designed with a combination of memory foam, reflex foam and re-engineered foam to ensure comfort, but still with a low price tag. This is popular with contract customers looking for foam mattresses for rental properties or student accommodation. 

The cheapest memory foam mattress from Essentials is the Reflex Foam Mattress. Constructed with highly resistant foam, a firm feel and a poly-knit cover, you won’t find a better value foam mattress. 

Essentials’ Homestarter Mattress is a 100% recycled eco-friendly memory foam mattress that has a medium-density foam for a medium-firm feel, it’s temperature-sensitive for all of you hot sleepers and it relives pressure; perfect if you suffer from back and neck aches. 

What Sizes are Available? 

From double memory foam mattresses to single memory foam mattresses, we offer a wide variety of sizes. These are suitable for a range of bed frames and rooms. Whether you need something for the guest bedroom or it’s time for an upgrade to a cheap king size memory foam mattress, we’re sure to have what you’re looking for. 

How Much is a Good Memory Foam Mattress?

The price of memory foam mattresses range drastically from one extreme to the other, but the important thing to remember is the quality of your mattress if you want the best night’s sleep. 

Essentials’ cheapest single memory foam mattress is £79.99, but the quality of the mattress isn’t compromised. On the opposite scale, the most luxurious mattress of the collection - the Essentials Plus - is £99.99 for a single or £249.99 for a king size memory foam mattress, which is still one of the cheapest yet wonderfully supportive and comfortable memory foam mattresses.

Cheap Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

If you already own a mattress that you are fond of but feel like you need that extra level of support without spending a fortune, you should consider a cheap memory foam mattress topper

Our selection of affordable mattress toppers consists of foam thicknesses to suit all personal preferences. From cheap 5cm foam mattress toppers for a medium density feel, to 7.5cm memory foam toppers and a thick 10cm, 40kg memory foam mattress topper for those looking for a firm night’s sleep; our cost-effective Essentials range has it all.

Why Choose Our Cheap Memory Foam Beds?

We offer a number of added extras and special features of our customers. Our mission at all times is to maintain quality and value for money - without compromising on either. 

So, why should you choose us? Let’s take a look at what else we offer. 

Price Match

Found a similar product for a cheaper price? Our mattress price match promise guarantees that with us, you’ll be getting the best deals out there. We’re confident that we offer great value at some of the most competitive prices around.

This, combined with the fact that all our mattresses have a minimum of a one-year warranty, ensures you’re protected. We take care to look after our customers - every step of the way. 

Mattress Store

Struggle to make your mind up easily? You might benefit from being able to try before you buy. Luckily, if you head down to our mattress outlet shop in Wakefield, you’ll have the chance to do exactly that. 

Here, you’ll not only find a wide range of products, from memory foam pillows to upholstered bed frames, but everything has slashed prices. In fact, you can find up to 70% off compared to the high street. Here, everything has a factory-direct price tag, which is great news if you’re on a budget. 

Free Delivery

All orders over £99 qualify for free delivery - no exceptions. This is just one way we provide value with each and every purchase. We often aim to provide 3-5 day delivery when possible. 

British Made

All products and items are made and manufactured in our Yorkshire factory. We have many years of experience in crafting the perfect night’s sleep - we’ve been mattress experts since the ‘70s! Every member of our team is dedicated and highly qualified. 

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