Rolled Mattresses

    Rolled Mattress

    All our memory foam mattresses are delivered rolled (unless specified otherwise). A rolled mattress is exactly what it says on the tin: after we have made your mattress, we use a special machine, which compresses and rolls the mattress ready for delivery.

    The roll-packing machine at our Wakefield factory
    rolled machine
    So why is it beneficial to roll your mattress? Firstly, it means that your mattress is easier to deliver and also that if you live near to one of our retail outlets, you can collect your rolled mattress and drive away with it the same day, without having any problems fitting it in to your car. This is a popular choice for many customers who do not want to wait home for delivery. It also means that there is less chance of the mattress being damaged in transit, because not only will it be easier for our deliverymen to handle the mattress, but also because there is less surface area exposed.

    But will rolling the mattress cause any lasting damage?

    The process of rolling your mattress causes no damage at all and involves compressing your mattress rather than a vacuum process, which sucks the air out. Your mattress is simply compressed to approximately 25% of its original size using the latest manufacturing machinery.

    The performance of a foam sleeping surface actually improves after the first few months due to foam cell structure becoming less resilient and slightly softer. The short time that the mattress is compressed will actually speed up this process, improving the feel of the foam, and allowing the most comfortable sleeping surface from the first night! We would not however, recommend keeping your mattress rolled for longer than a two month period, as we cannot guarantee the integrity of a product which has been rolled for longer than this. Please also be reminded that we urge you to check over your product as soon as you receive it so that you have the opportunity to contact us should there be any discrepancy with your product.

    If you are still unsure about the rolling process or have any questions you can contact our sleep experts on  0330 0080377 for further information.

    If you would prefer your mattress not to be rolled you can request that it be delivered to you flat.

    Rolled Mattresses