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    Memory Foam vs Tempur

    With so many up and coming brands dominating the mattress market, it can be hard to differentiate which factors constitute quality. When it comes to memory foam mattresses, the first name that probably springs to your mind is tempur (we know they're often on our mind!) Tempur are held in high esteem by many and have earned their reputation as a leading brand in the field. As they are such a trusted brand who produce consistently high quality mattresses, the products are often accompanied by an expensive price tag.

    A quality memory foam mattress will do all that it promises, it will offer support and extraordinary comfort and, for people suffering with back pain, arthritis, and other joint problems, the relief a memory foam mattress offers is priceless. We would never advise going ‘cheap’ on a mattress as we consider all our mattresses as investment products which lead to a better quality of sleep.

    However, as sleep experts, we do spend plenty of time talking to our customers about what they need and what we have discovered from so many of you is that memory foam is often associated with high expense in comparison to other types of mattress. Memory foam is in general more expensive than other types of mattress, yet looking beyond the bigger brands, you can still benefit from a quality memory foam mattress without the enormous price tag.

    We have looked at our Double Outlast Ultra Memory Foam Mattress in comparison with the Tempur Original 21 Mattress and made some interesting observations. Let's take in to account some important features to give a fair comparison:

    Memory Foam Warehouse vs. TEMPUR


    Memory Foam Depth:


    Our own Double Outlast Ultra Memory Foam Mattress has an impressive 7cm dual layer of HD memory foam which comprises of a 5cm comfort layer and a 7cm support layer to provide a dual benefit of superior comfort and support for sleepers. In total, the depth of our mattress is 23cm whilst the Tempur Original 21 Mattress comes in just short at 20cm.


    Although the base foam provides the overall structure and delivers the expected level of comfort which can be found in every memory foam mattress, any additional layers offer added thickness and softness so the sleeper can benefit from a super comfortable sleep.


    For more information about the importance of memory foam mattress depth and factoring this into your decision to buy a memory foam mattress, read our educational guide which takes you through the levels of depth in a memory foam mattress and the benefits for the intended sleeper.


    Memory Foam Density:


    The density of tempur foam is 85kg/m3, which is a high density foam offering plenty of support. The density of our Double Outlast Ultra Memory Foam Mattress is 60kg/m3, although slightly less than the foam found in tempur mattresses, 60kg is still a very high density memory foam that will offer a superb level of support, moulding to the contours of your body.


    The denser the mattress, the higher content of memory foam which has been used. This provides an overall firmer mattress which is ideal for sleepers who want a higher level of support for their neck and back. A high density mattress ensures your spine is correctly aligned as you sleep, reducing the need to toss and turn by up to 80%.


    For a more detailed exploration of the density of a memory foam mattress, read our informative blog post which covers the definition of density and why it should be considered when purchasing a new mattress.


    Mattress Cover:


    Our Double Outlast Ultra Memory Foam Mattress features a removable and washable outlast cover. Outlast is a NASA approved, space certified technology which has produced a material to effectively regulate the temperature of your body, meaning you won't be too hot or too cold during the night. The tempur mattress features a removable and washable polyester cover.


    Outlast boasts an innovative and unique design which provides an added value to the sleeper, storing your body heat when it is too warm and releasing back to you when the temperature drops. For a more detailed insight into outlast and how it works, read our product focus on the outlast mattress and find out why it’s often thought of as the “mattress for all seasons”.


    And the difference in price?

    A double Tempur Original 21 Double Mattress has a list price of £1949 and currently on special offer at £1,079.

    Our Outlast Ultra Memory Foam Mattresses have a list price from £699.99 and today will cost you from £369.99!


    The difference in price between these two mattresses is staggering and although tempur is an undisputed market leader, there are lesser known brands such as outlast which still possess the same benefits of its competitor.


    For more information about how you can compare memory foam warehouse to other leading mattress competitors, read our informative blog post which is full of information to help you consider what really constitutes quality in a memory foam mattress.


    If you would like any further advice on your decision to purchase a memory foam mattress, contact one our sleep experts who will be more than happy to help guide you through the process. Alternatively, browse through our other informative buyers guides which answer the key questions our customers have been asking us, leading to a superior sleep night after night.