How to Use a Contour Memory Foam Pillow

You’ve heard the benefits of using a contour memory foam pillow – but now you’ve got it home, you’re not sure which way it’s supposed to go on the bed. No worries, we’ve got the answers you need. Simply scroll down to the section relevant to you: Back Sleeper, Side Sleeper or Tummy Sleeper.

Back Sleeper

How to use a Contour Memory Foam Pillow: Lie your Contour Memory Foam Pillow on your bed so that the slimmer side of the pillow runs in line with the head of the bed. The larger end of the pillow should run underneath the hollow of your neck when you lie down, with the curve of your neck resting in a natural position on top of this hump.

memory foam pillow

Side Sleeper

How to use a Contour Memory Foam Pillow: The larger end of the pillow again needs to be underneath the hollow of the neck. Ensure the pillow is as close as possible to the top of the shoulder, seamlessly supporting the natural curve of your neck and allowing for full relaxation and muscular rejuvenation during the night.

memory foam pillow

Tummy Sleeper

For tummy sleepers, a Contour Memory Foam Pillow isn’t necessarily the most suitable option. Usually, tummy sleepers feel more comfortable with a slimmer, softer pillow which prevents unnatural arching of the neck during the night. If you’d like some advice on which memory foam pillow is suitable for you, get in touch! We’re always happy to help. Click here for our contact details.

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Memory foam pillows are a godsend for our hard-working neck muscles. Traditional squishy pillows might feel nice at first, however they do little to help your neck relax and rejuvenate during the night.

At Memory Foam Warehouse, we design and produce an extensive range of pillows to suit every preference and budget. Contour pillows, soft pillows, cooling pillows – you name it! And every single memory foam pillow comes with our stamp as a British manufacturer, direct from our Yorkshire factory. Click here to browse the full range. 

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