Understanding the Density of a Memory Foam Mattress

How to Choose the Right Density in a Memory Foam Mattress

It is often said that the higher the density of a memory foam mattress is, the better quality the mattress is. But what does this mean and how do we measure it?

When people talk about density they are usually referring to the layer of visco-elastic memory foam found on the top part of the mattress. This is the most important part of any memory foam mattress as it is what sets it apart from all the other mattresses on the market.

What is Density?

The first thing to remember about density is that memory foam is measured in cubic centimetres. Therefore, if it states that the mattress of your choice has a density of 65kg, this means that a cubic meter of the foam weighs 65kg.

A density of 45kg is considered to be low and does not offer a good level of support whilst 65kg is a higher level of quality and comfort. Mattresses of higher density are made up of a higher content of memory foam and are therefore firmer than their lower level counterparts and more desired too.

Mattresses with a lower density of memory foam in them will not last as long and will quickly lose their shape, strength and elasticity. Good quality memory foam is more durable and considered as more of an investment than just another purchase. When you sleep on it the foam will mould to your body’s natural curves, giving you maximum support. Eventually when you move from your sleeping position or get up, the memory foam will then automatically rise up back into place until you are ready to lay on it again.

When you buy your mattress make sure that the supplier can tell you the density of it. This will not only ensure that you are buying the real deal, but it will also help you determine what level of comfort and quality you will be getting. If the supplier cannot give you this basic information, you should try somewhere else.

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