The Sleeptember Challenge

The 1st of September marks another special month where sleep is the focus. Sleeptember is a campaign designed to remind people of the health benefits associated with a good night’s sleep and to raise awareness of how sleep can impact your health, safety, well-being, and productivity. Just like a healthy diet and exercise, sleep plays a vital role in keeping a person healthy and also helps the body heal.

Poor sleep and fatigue are common problems, affecting millions of people. Just one bad night’s sleep affects an individual’s mood, concentration levels and alertness while long-term sleep deprivation is linked to more serious conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and strokes. Change your sleeping habits this September and create a new routine. Are you up for the challenge?

Improve your Sleep this September

Create the ideal sleep environment

Having the perfect environment is key in achieving a good night’s sleep, which means your bedroom is cool, quiet and dark. You should also ensure your room is clean and free from clutter. Clearing the clutter from your room helps you become more organised which is good for achieving peace of mind, which aids a restful night’s sleep.




Get rid of the gadgets

Technology such as smartphones, laptops, TVs, radios and games consoles all have negative effects on our sleeping patterns, making it even more difficult to switch off and wind down. Using electronic gadgets with a lit display can prevent falling asleep as the gadgets will activate your brain, increasing your engagement levels and suppressing the production of Melatonin (Read this blog post for more information).


smartphone graphic - Black


Wind down before bed

Meditation is a great tool for relaxing both the body and mind. More and more people are turning to meditation and yoga as a form of relaxation. If you start to worry when you get into bed, try writing down your thoughts and feelings in a small notebook and keep it at the side of your bed. Not only does the little book help you release feelings it will help you track your mood and manage your worries.


notebook - Write down your thoughts



Going to bed and getting up at roughly the same every day (Yes! Even on the weekends) helps your body set a routine and ensures your body receives the optimal amount a rest. A sleep schedule that you keep to enables your body’s internal clock to work correctly and in turn improves your quality of sleep. Be realistic, choose a bedtime that will work with your lifestyle, it may take time for you to adjust but once you develop a routine your body will naturally follow It. As tempting as they are, lie-ins are no good for your health. Laze around on your weekends and catch up on your much-loved TV shows but avoid spending excessive amounts of time sleeping.
Set yourself a routine - Clock


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