How to Sleep your Way to Good Exam Results

When it comes to exams, lots of us sacrifice sleep to cram in some last-minute revision. But if you want better marks, is there another way? Can you sleep your way to good exam results? A study, conducted by Ghent University and KU Leuven in Belgium, found that students who slept more during the exam period generally performed better (nearly 10% higher in each exam!). But why do we tend to achieve more after a good night’s sleep and can we really sleep ourselves smart?

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How Sleep Affects the Brain

Although the exact effects of sleep deprivation are still hotly debated, one thing is certain: no sleep wreaks havoc on the brain. Biologically, sleep is thought to allow the neurons in the brain to shut down, repair and re-energise, helping us to consolidate what we have learned throughout the day. Without sleep, the brain’s neurons become so depleted of energy that they begin to malfunction, forcing the brain to work harder but accomplish less. As if that wasn’t bad enough, lack of sleep is also known to negatively affect our memory, concentration, cognitive speed, decision making ability, stress levels and overall IQ.

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How to Make the Most of Sleeping

  • Make sure you get a full 6-8 hours of sleep the night before your exam
  • If your uni mattress is a trial to sleep on, buy a luxurious memory foam mattress topper and sleep like a dream. Click here to shop from just £49.99 😴
  • If you’re a worrier, try some stress relief techniques to help you unwind for bed. Click here for 10 simple ideas!

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The Student Mattress Topper

When you’re a student, money doesn’t exactly grow on trees – and maybe a mattress topper wasn’t something you were planning to buy. £60 worth of jaeger bombs is alot of jaeger bombsSo is it really worth it for a better night’s sleep?

Let’s break it down. So you’re at university for roughly 45 weeks of the year. That’s 315 days. So a student mattress topper will cost you just 19 pence per night! And then it’s free every night after that – so second and third year are payment free! 

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