How to Sleep over the Christmas Period: Our 3 Top Tips

A time for family, presents and merriment, the countdown to Christmas sees our excitement reach its peak and our sleep levels reach an all-time-low. But does Christmas always have to have such a negative effect on our sleep? We at the Memory Foam Warehouse think not: here’s our 3 top tips to help you get some shut eye over the Christmas period.

Have a drink, but hold the ‘merry’

Christmas time is notorious for being a boozy affair (heck, we even leave Santa a little tipple with his mince pie). According to the Mirror, the average British family will have their first alcoholic drink on Christmas Day at 9:05am. However, despite alcohol making us feel relaxed, happy and dozy to begin with, these affects do not last long. In fact, alcohol is classed as one of the top 3 sleep deprivers alongside caffeine and nicotine due to its diuretic, dehydration and heartburn inducing properties.

To combat this false friend, and ensure that you get the sleep you need this Christmas, consider limiting your alcohol intake so that the effects will have fully worn off by the time you want to sleep or try mixing up a non-alcoholic holiday drink: all the fun with none of the drawbacks.

Food glorious food!

Food makes up a massive part of our Christmas celebrations, bringing us altogether around the table to celebrate with family and friends. Unfortunately, all of those sausages in blankets and lashings of brandy butter wreak havoc with our digestive system and, therefore, with our ability to sleep.

Keep your gut healthy and your body rested over the Christmas period by thinking about what you’re eating and how late you’re eating it. As a general rule of thumb, the more you eat in the evening, the harder your body needs to work to metabolise the food before it can begin to prepare for sleep.

Don your ‘prepping hat’

The countdown to Christmas can turn from exciting to daunting in a matter of days if you fail to prepare for the big day in advance. Stress can cause countless restless nights if we are not careful. Although motivating yourself to get up and go shopping on a cold wintery day is difficult, the sooner you buy your gifts, wrap them up and place them under the tree, the sooner you can sit back and enjoy Christmas.

To avoid any pre-Christmas stress, think carefully about what you want to get for each person and where you can get it from. By creating this list you are turning several shopping trips aimlessly wandering around to one planned, structured and successful shopping trip.