Memory Foam Sleep Accessories | Back Support & Leg Soother

If you want to really make the most of your memory foam experience, take a look at these memory foam accessories. These are additional products which we produce in addition to our range of mattresses, toppers and pillows. Introducing the Memory Foam Bed Wedge and the Memory Foam Leg Soother.

Shop memory foam sleep accessories from £58.99 😴

Memory Foam Bed Wedge

memory foam sleep accessories back support bed wedge

Our Memory Foam Bed Wedge is brilliant for back pain sufferers. This memory foam back support enables you to sit up comfortably in bed, without suffering back pain the next day. Plus, the memory foam wedge comes with a cooling cover which can be machine washed. Buy now for £58.99 😴

Memory Foam Leg Soother

Memory foam sleep accessories leg soother

If you suffer from varicose veins, poor blood circulation or aching joints then the Memory Foam Leg Soother could be just what you need. This supportive memory foam cushion raises your lower legs and ankles slightly, to encourage healthy circulation and ease swelling. The leg soother comes with a cooling cover which is machine washable, so it’s easy to keep the soother feeling fresh and clean. Buy now for £58.99 😴

If you’d like some more information about these memory foam sleep accessories, get in touch! We make a wide range of medical memory foam products in our Yorkshire Mattress Factory, including mattresses for the NHS – so when it comes to the health benefits of foam, we know a thing or two. Click here to see our contact details. Until then, sleep well ….

Shop memory foam sleep accessories from £58.99 😴