How Long Can You Leave Your New Mattress Rolled Up?

Life doesn’t always go quite as planned, we get it. So what if your new mattress arrives but you haven’t got anywhere to put it? How long can you keep your new mattress rolled up? 

How Long Can You Keep a Memory Foam Mattress Rolled Up?

We do not recommend keeping your new memory foam mattress rolled up for longer than 2 months. Similarly, you should not keep a mattress-in-a-box compressed and wrapped up in its packaging for longer than 2 months.

Any longer than this and we cannot guarantee that your mattress will be 100% once unrolled. Foam is an extremely resilient material, but after months of being compressed to 1/4 of its size it’s not surprising that it will start to suffer! Other suppliers may have different time constraints though, so make sure you check the small print.

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