How Often Should You Change Your Memory Foam Mattress?

Is It Time For a New Memory Foam Mattress?

The life of a Memory Foam Mattress can vary considerably depending on the quality of the Memory Foam as well as how you look after it. But just because it may seem to still be in a good condition, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s still in the optimum condition for the best night’s sleep. The Sleep Council recommends you change your mattress every 7 years to get the best sleep possible.


Are You Sleeping in a Healthy Environment?

A Memory Foam Mattress will naturally inhibit the development of dust mites due to its dense structure, so whilst a traditional sprung mattress will gather dust, skin cells and dust mites in the base; you are, at least, saved from this horror with a Memory Foam Mattress.

Our mattresses also come with a zipped cover, which can easily be removed and washed to ensure that you can continue to sleep in a clean and healthy environment. You can use your Mattress Cover with or without a bottom sheet, but we suggest purchasing a new cover at least every couple of years, and we even offer luxurious quilted options if you want a new cover with a bit more comfort!

To keep your mattress in the best possible condition we also recommend that you use a mattress protector to guard against it coming in to contact with any liquids. We also advise against using hot water bottles or electric blankets as the foam is temperature sensitive and excessive heat can impair the structure of the foam.


Change in Firmness

Whether you choose a soft or firm Memory Foam Mattress, memory foam will lose 20% of its firmness in the first 12 months of sleeping on it due to the nature of the cell structure. The areas that you spend most time on will also become slightly softer over time than other areas of the mattress.

We expect that a high quality, high density foam will continue to return to its original shape and will offer a high level of support for 10 to 15 years, whereas a lower density Memory Foam Mattress may not last quite so long.

Memory Foam Mattress


Do You Wake Up In Pain?

You must also consider how well you are sleeping, as an older mattress can offer less support and comfort. If your mattress is getting on a bit, and you feel you are waking with any aches or pains, consider that there is a chance that it could be your mattress.

We would recommend you take the sleep council’s advice on looking at replacing your mattress every 7 years if you want to get the most out of your sleep, however this does not mean that you cannot use a Memory Foam Mattress for longer than this as long as it is still in a healthy condition.

Choosing a quality Memory Foam Mattress from Memory Foam Warehouse will ensure you get a comfortable and supportive night’s sleep for years to come!