Different Types of Memory Foam Mattresses

Choosing the Right Memory Foam Mattresses for You

The more you know about Memory Foam Mattresses, the easier it becomes to select the correct mattress to buy. This article should help you understand more about the different types of Memory Foam Mattresses on the market, which in turn should ease the buying process.

The basis of memory foam design is basically the same – from that original design for space travel but when it comes to mattresses, it is quite easy to see the differences with individual mattresses.

Depth of Memory Foam Mattresses

How to check you are purchasing the correct mattress will depend on personal preferences but key to your decision is deciding on the depth of the memory foam layer that is incorporated in the mattress design.

It is sometimes easy to work out the depth of the layer of memory foam on the mattress from the product description.  For instance the 500 Memory Foam Mattresses will be designed with a 5cm foam layer and similarly the 800 Memory Foam Mattresses will have an 8cm foam layer.

The deeper the foam, the more support the mattress provides.

This is also an important consideration for couples that are off significantly different in body weight to reduce the amount of disturbance from a partner’s movements during the night.

The depth of the memory foam layer also impacts on the amount of comfort in terms of reducing pain from the body’s pressure point contours.

The thicker the foam, the more absorption for the body. 

The depth of the memory foam however does not affect the ability of the mattress to instantly reshape to its original form once any weight has been removed.  This is due to the materials used in production namely visco-elastic foam – the authentic foam originally designed by NASA.