The Cheapest Memory Foam Mattresses and Toppers

If you’re looking for a cheap memory foam mattress or mattress topper but are concerned about quality, we’ve got something you’ll be glad to hear. It is possible to buy a high quality AND cheap memory foam mattress, and you’re in just the right place too.

A quick bit about us, we’re the Memory Foam Warehouse team. We make all of our memory foam mattresses and mattress toppers in our factory in Yorkshire, UK. We know our products inside out (we design and produce them with our own hands) and we offer our customers genuine factory-direct savings of up to 70% compared to high street retailers.

Cheapest Memory Foam Mattress

If you’re looking for a budget price tag, check out our Essentials Homestarter Memory Foam Mattress from £109.99:

  • 3cm Memory Foam comfort layer
  • Washable poly-cotton cover
  • 12 month warranty
  • Free delivery
  • Standard & custom sizes available
  • Made in Yorkshire, UK

“Very comfy and great price. Definitely recommend” – Tony

The Mattress Upgrade: Coolmax

Coolmax memory foam mattress Memory Foam Warehouse

From as little as £10 extra you can upgrade to our Coolmax range of memory foam mattresses. These memory foam mattresses are made from more durable foam, have a deeper layer of memory foam and come with an ultra-breathable cooling fabric cover so you don’t feel too warm in the night. Click here to shop

🌟 Buy a Memory Foam Mattress from £109.99 🌟

Cheapest Memory Foam Topper

We also produce high quality cheap Memory Foam Mattress Toppers in our Yorkshire factory. So if your existing mattress is a bit too firm or not quite ready to be replaced, a mattress topper could be just what you need.

Our Essentials Memory Foam Mattress Toppers start at just £49.99:

  • 45kg Memory Foam (medium density)
  • Choose 5cm, 7.5cm or 10cm deep
  • No cover – simply slot under your bed sheet
  • 12 month warranty
  • Made in Yorkshire, UK
  • Standard & custom sizes available

“Fell in love with it on the first night. The best night’s sleep I have ever had. I even got a neighbour to buy one” – JM Le-Con

The Topper Upgrade: Coolmax

Coolmax memory foam mattress topper Memory Foam Warehouse

Upgrade to our Coolmax Memory Foam Mattress Topper from as little as £25 extra. Our Coolmax Toppers are made from high density memory foam (60kg or 75kg) and come with an ultra-breathable cooling fabric cover so you don’t feel too warm during the night. Click here to shop

🌟 Buy a Memory Foam Topper from £49.99 🌟

You see, in a world of expensive advertising and fancy marketing, spending a lot of money on a product doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re paying for quality. But at Memory Foam Warehouse we do things differently. We make everything ourselves – you can even come and visit our factory and onsite bed shop, and see for yourself where the mattress magic happens. Quite simply, we provide great quality mattresses at affordable prices. If you have any questions or would like some advice about which mattress is right for you, get in touch! Click here to see our contact details. We’d love to hear from you 😴

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