Buy British Memory Foam Mattresses | 6 Brilliant Reasons To Buy British

Hello! We’re the Memory Foam Warehouse team, proud British Mattress Makers since 2001. We design and produce all of our memory foam mattresses in our Yorkshire Mattress Factory and we have a great time while we’re doing it. 🇬🇧 In short, we’re proud of our British Mattress heritage and we think it’s about time we shout a bit louder about it. So that’s exactly what we’re going to do.

How amazing to find a memory foam mattress the same quality as the old NASA type here in good old Yorkshire. How lucky are we that it’s possible to buy such quality at a fraction of the price? Very! Thank you… I sleep like a dream on mine, couldn’t recommend you more! – Jane via Trustpilot

Shop British Memory foam mattresses from £99.99  😴

6 Brilliant Reasons To Buy British 🇬🇧

🇬🇧 You’ll have total confidence in the quality of your purchases

Buying British guarantees that your mattress has passed all of the UK’s most stringent fire safety tests and meets official standards. Safety comes first, and with British goods you can have total peace of mind

🇬🇧 We’re creating jobs for UK workers

… with ethical working conditions and fair pay. Our team is 100 strong, and we’re very lucky to have such a loyal bunch. Just this year we’ve celebrated several 10, 15 and 20 year work anniversaries

Buy British Memory Foam Mattresses Memory Foam Warehouse
Introducing … our team!

🇬🇧 You’re minimising the carbon footprint of your purchases

When one of our mattresses arrives at your door, it’s hopped over from Yorkshire rather than trekked half way across the globe. That means less fumes in the atmosphere and less damage to our precious Earth 🌎

🇬🇧 We support local British causes

In the past 3 months alone we have donated tins and cans to our local Wakefield food bank, donated foam off-cuts for a creative project at Pinderfields Hospital School, and provided creative materials for eco-friendly enterprise SCRAP Creative Leeds. We’re always on the look out for new ways to support our local community. If you have any suggestions, please get in touch!

Christmas food bank donation St Catherines Church Food Bank wakefield memory foam warehouse
Donating our Christmas tins to St Catherines Church Food Bank, West Yorkshire!

🇬🇧 You can see for yourself where the mattress magic happens!

If you’re in the area, you should come and visit our Mattress HQ in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. We’ve got a bed and mattress shop onsite so you can have a lie down, and the award-winning Hepworth Art Gallery is just across the road too

🇬🇧 You’re supporting Britain’s mattress heritage

Mattress making is a skill, and a darn important one at that. Memory Foam Warehouse has been designing and producing mattresses since 2001, but our roots go back much further than that. We started working with foam in the 1970s and have produced goods for the NHS, MOD and British & Irish Lions in that time. That’s nearly 50 years of experience which we want to pass down to our future generations. By supporting British made goods, you’re helping us do just that

Shop British Memory foam mattresses from £99.99  😴

Visit Our Wakefield Bed Shop!

Memory Foam Warehouse factory outlet shop Wakefield West Yorkshire
Come and visit our factory outlet in Wakefield, West Yorkshire!

If you live in West Yorkshire or somewhere close by, come and visit our Wakefield Bed and Mattress Shop! We’ve got a wide selection of mattresses on display, great discounts on ex-display products, and stock ready to take home the same day. Click here for directions. 

If you’d like to learn more about the world of British mattresses, get in touch! We’re ready and waiting to answer your questions. Click here to see our contact details. Until then, sleep well …

Shop British Memory foam mattresses from £99.99 😴

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