Best Foam Mattress for Sale

Best Foam Mattress for Sale

Buying a new mattress can often be a very big purchase. It’s something that you’ll use pretty much every night for many years, so you want to make sure that you’re getting the best for your money. You want to make sure that you’re well supported; a flexible structure and most importantly you’re comfortable. Here at Memory Foam Warehouse we have an extensive range of high quality Mattresses.

Foam Mattresses

However if you don’t want to spend too much, and go down the expensive Memory foam mattress route then a foam mattress could be perfect for you.

A foam mattress is made entirely of Reflex foam. Reflex foam is made from polyurethane which is the same material that memory foam is made from. However, Reflex foam doesn’t contain the temperature technology that the memory foam mattresses provide.

foam mattress Foam Mattress for Sale

Reflex Foam is made from bubbles, when you lay on these bubbles they separate to fit your body. These mattresses are perfect for people who suffer from neck and back pain.  Because foam mattresses don’t contain all the technology of a memory foam mattress they are considerably cheaper.

Best Foam Mattress for Sale

Here at Memory Foam Warehouse we have a great range of Foam Mattresses. Our Foam Mattresses are from the Essentials Range. Our Essential mattresses come complete with a removable and washable poly-cotton cover. The Essentials Reflex mattresses are ideal for heavier people to provide optimal support and comfort.

If you are looking for a fantastic value mattress which still provides excellent comfort, support and quality, then the Single Essentials Reflex Foam Mattress is a good choice for you or why not try the Euro Size Pedic Foam Mattress which comes complete with a temperature sensitive, cooling cover which reduces heat and moisture build up during the night. The cover has anti-allergy properties and is removable and washable to keep your mattress fresh night after night.

You can learn more about our range by reading through our buyers guides, or you can contact one of our friendly team.

If you aren’t sure whether the Essential Foam Mattresses are right for you then take advantage of our 60 night trial guarantee. Take it for a test drive before deciding if these are the mattresses for you.

60 night gurantee