Asleep On The job? Half Of Us Have Dozed Off At Work!

    Have You Dozed At Your Desk?

    We've probably all felt a bit sleepy at work at some time or other, whether we got to bed late the night before or we've just been working so hard that exhaustion has taken its toll. But if the results of our recent survey are anything to go by, nearly half of us have actually fallen asleep while at work – sometimes for ten minutes or more!

    Asleep On The job? Half Of Us Have Dozed Off At Work Asleep On The job? Half Of Us Have Dozed Off At Work

    It was surprising to see that so many people have dropped off on the job, and quite worrying that so few of us seem to get a good night’s sleep: less than a third of respondents said they regularly get the recommended seven hours of sleep or more.

    Take a look at some of the eye-opening stats we found below – they might keep you awake at night!

    Dozing At Work

    47% of people overall have fallen asleep at work
    15% said it was for “less than a minute”, although 14% said their nap lasted between one and five minutes
    8% have fallen asleep for ten minutes or more
    43% of women have had a nap at work, compared to 51% of men
    • The younger generation are more prone to napping: 54% of respondents aged 18-24 admitted to it

    Caught In The Act

    10% of people who have fallen asleep at work said they were caught at it by their boss
    • A luckier 34% were woken up by a colleague first
    • Another 7% have been shaken awake by a client, which must have been awkward
    51% got away with it and woke up by themselves


    72% get less than seven hours of sleep a night, the minimum amount recommended for adults
    22% get less than five hours
    86% feel like they need more sleep
    25% admit to making mistakes at work due to tiredness, another 47% feel less productive when they’re tired

    Dozing On The Commute

    31% say they have dozed off during their commute to work
    14% have been late to work because of this

    Are Sleep Pods The Future?

    • Just 11% of respondents said there is some sort of sleeping facility at their workplace
    29% would like to see them introduced by their employer to help them get better rest

    Where Do People Fall Asleep?

    We asked participants where at work they have fallen asleep – below are a few of the choice responses:

    “I drifted off in a meeting for a split second. I woke up when my head fell forward.”
    “At desk, in meeting.”
    “In my works van.”
    “At my desk in the morning reading emails.”
    “During a meeting, it went on and on...”
    “Encoding room.” (?)
    “On top of a freezer (I’m a chef).”
    “During break times at the canteen.”
    “I was in the eating area which has a sofa in there and TV, but the programme was boring so I just nodded off. As I’m in charge, not a good example.”
    “In the smoking room, on top of all the chair cushions laid out on the floor.”
    “Don’t laugh - I fell asleep on the toilet.”
    “In a meeting, during a slide show.”
    “In the communal room - this was very late at night (2am), and in the ladies’ toilet.”
    “On the bus I drive.” (!!!)

    The results are based on a survey of 1000 people carried out by Your Say Pays.

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