9 Unique Benefits of Memory Foam Pillows

According to the experts at Physio Med more than half of reported neck problems are created by, are worse during, or are worse after being in bed. On average we spend 25 years of our life tucked up in bed, so even if you’re not suffering from neck pain now making the change to a memory foam pillow and reducing the risk of future suffering is a no-brainer.

The Problem with Traditional Pillows

9 Benefits of Memory Foam Pillows

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The Problem with Traditional Pillows

Many people are drawn to soft feathery pillows hoping that they will help to induce a heavenly night’s sleep. But these squishy pillows do not always support your neck and upper back sufficiently, and ultimately can result in upper body aches and pains.

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9 Unique Benefits of Memory Foam Pillows

1.  Mould to the shape of your head and neck, providing perfect support and luxurious comfort just for you

2. Reduce high levels of pressure placed on your head and neck through proper, memory foam support

3. Support the natural curve of your neck. Spine Health’s number one tip to prevent neck pain is to choose a pillow which ‘keeps your cervical spine in neutral alignment’, so a memory foam pillow is just what the doctor ordered

4. Allow hard-working neck and upper back muscles to fully relax and recover, free from strain and pressure

5. Hypoallergenic and antibacterial, perfect for asthma sufferers, allergy sufferers and general pillow hygiene

6. Ease snoring and Sleep Apnoea by keeping your neck raised, clearing your airways and enabling you to breathe more easily

7. Available in contour or traditional pillow shapes, so everyone can sleep comfortably with memory foam

8. Make sure your head doesn’t get too warm in the night, thanks to our temperature-controlling Coolmax and Outlast covers ❄️

9. Low maintenance: memory foam pillows naturally return to their original shape in the morning which means no more fluffing pillows

Popular Memory Foam Pillows

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