How to Wake up Fast

Whether you’re trying to wake up on a dark morning or sleep comfortably on a cold night, during winter everything seems to be a chore. Despite this, with a host of successful people pinning their accomplishments on waking up early and getting a head start on the day, the desire to learn how to wake up fast and make the most of the day is making its way to the top of everyone’s priority list. So, it’s time to perk up your senses, get your body moving and your blood flowing.

The Best Ways to Wake Up Fast

  1. Position your alarm clock out of arm’s reach

Step away from the false friend (the snooze button) and opt to position your alarm clock on the opposite side of the room instead. This top tip will encourage you to get out of bed and get ready for the day.

To further increase your chances of waking up quickly, choose a song you really don’t like as the alarm tone (something loud and fast tempo would be a bonus) as this will have you jump up out of bed to turn off the offending music.  If you opt for this technique, don’t forget to change the ‘tune of terror’ every few weeks to keep things interesting and stop you from getting too used to the sound.

If relocating you alarm clock and setting a terrible tone isn’t having the necessary effect, consider investing in an app such as the ‘SpinMe Alarm Clock’ which will have you up and spinning around before it presumes you’re awake and finally turns off.



  1. Have a drink as soon as you wake up

Whether you have a glass of water or opt for something a little stronger, having a drink first thing in the morning can really help to wake you up and have you feeling refreshed.



  1. Dare to have a cold shower or splash cold water in your face

While luxuriating in a warm shower, try adding a short period of colder water to ‘shock’ your body into waking up. If this doesn’t work, wash yourself using a minty shower gel as this will invigorate your senses and promote clearer thinking.



  1. Get up and get stretching

Another way to manipulate your body into waking up is to get out of bed and start stretching. So, touch your toes and get into a warrior pose as it’s time to get your blood flowing.



  1. Sniff away your grogginess

According to the National Sleep Foundation, scents such as citrus, peppermint, rosemary and eucalyptus are effective at making us feel more alert and giving us the necessary morning boost! Citrus in particular is thought to raise alertness and energy levels by more than 50% within two minutes.



  1. Try taking a natural sage pill

Michael Mosley of the BBC made a surprising finding while testing unexpected ways to wake up the brain. The research conducted concluded that, out of all of the options tested, taking sage pills in the morning had the greatest effect, helping volunteers to wake up while enhancing their cognitive performance.