5 Statement Bed Bases You Need In Your Life | Best Beds 2018

If you don’t get a buzz from bed shopping then you’re not doing it right. Get excited people because we’ve got 5 statement bed bases which will send you weak at the knees. Bright colours, bold shapes and even magically appearing TVs. Hey, you spend one third of your life in bed so you darn well deserve to have one that you’re crazy about.

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Silver Chrome Edward Metal Bed Frame Black Nickel Edward Metal Bed Frame Time Living Beds

If you’re looking for bedroom grandeur, the Edward Metal Bed could be your perfect match. The beauty of this metal bed is that it will compliment any bedroom under the sun. Yes please, we’ll take both colours.

Opalia Red Fabric Bed Base Time Living

There’s nothing quite like a statement in red. The soft curves and bold colour of the Opalia Fabric Bed Base combine to create something really classic. It’s 5 stars from us, we love it.

Kaydian Walkworth Ottoman Bed Base Velvet Cliffe Storage Bed

It’s the fabric queen of elegance and luxury – velvet. The Walkworth Ottoman Bed in Velvet Cliffe is slinky, glossy and stormy all in one AND it’s got under bed storage too. No it’s not a dream, it’s just total velvet bed perfection.

Kaydian Banard TV Bed Black Leather Storage Ottoman Bed Silver Crushed Velvet Bed

The Banard TV Ottoman Bed is a statement of bedroom technology. A magically disappearing TV in the foot end you say? We’re sold. Throw a designated DVD cubby hole, under bed storage and a chunky black leather headboard into the mix and … well, is it possible to marry a bed?

Naxos Grey Fabric Bed Base

Because bold colours and magic TVs aren’t the only ingredients for a cool bed base. This grey fabric bed is understated, yes – but before you know it you’ve been wooed by its soft curves and gentle tones.  If you like the Naxos curves but you’re looking for more of a colour pop, check out this bed in Tea Green.

🌟 Browse statement beds from £89.99 🌟

If you’re looking for an usual bed or a cool bed, you’re in the right place. We have over 100 bed bases to choose from, with prices starting at just £89.99 – and we’ll treat you to this amazing special offer too. Give us a bell if you’ve got any questions – until then, sleep well 😴

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🌟 Browse statement beds from £89.99 🌟

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