Best Memory Foam Mattresses


    When faced with the question what is the best memory foam mattress, there is no singular right answer. That’s because there is a huge range of memory foam mattresses available at Memory Foam Warehouse and the best memory foam mattress is the one that ticks all the boxes in your individual night time checklist.

    Problem: Overheating During the Night

    Solution: The 4G HD Memory Foam Mattress

    If you have a bigger budget and are looking for an investment piece then the best rated memory foam mattress range comes from 4G: The Next Generation. A 4G HD memory foam mattress features an open cell structure similar to that of a standard memory foam mattress. However the 4G has revolutionised foam technology with its gel particles which are infused in the foam’s structure. The mattress offers a direct cooling solution due to the advanced design of the foam which effectively disperses body heat and moisture as you sleep.

    The unique structure of the 4G foam creates a breathable pathway for heat to pass through the non-compressed memory foam ensuring your mattress maintains aeration during the night. The 4G design also reacts much faster to heat meaning the memory foam relaxes quickly in response to your body, creating a restful and comfortable sleep environment. This is one of the best memory foam mattresses if you often overheat and crave cooling comfort throughout the night. Read more about the benefits of 4G HD Memory Foam Mattress.

    Problem: Need Extra Support for Both You and Your Partner 

    Solution: Pocket Sprung Memory Foam Mattress

    This mattress is great for couples who differ in shape and size as the individual springs cater to a change in weight so each partner benefits from targeted support. The detailed design of a pocket sprung mattress includes thousands of springs encased within individual fabric pockets. This structure minimises the risk of you rolling towards each other during the night so you are not impacted by each other’s movements.

    The unique construction of a pocket sprung mattress differs from the classic interwoven design of many other mattresses. The interwoven spring construction means that when pressure or weight is applied to the springs at one end of the mattress this can affect the springs at the opposite end, impacting your partner and disturbing their sleep. However, a Pocket Sprung Mattress takes the weight of you and your partner separately so you can both sleep soundly despite movement and variation in size.

    Problem: Sore and Aching Joints

    Solution: Ortho Support Classicpedic Memory Foam Mattress

    The Ortho Support Classicpedic Memory Foam Mattress range is focused on providing perfect support for your body, making sure you adopt the correct sleeping position and increases blood circulation. It is this ability to effectively redistribute weight and surface pressure between the skin and bone areas of the body such as the back, hips and elbows that allows your body to recharge and heal every night.

    Sleeping on an Orthopedic Mattress keeps your spine properly aligned, after time you will notice an improvement in your posture. This is because the firm surface of an orthopedic mattress will prevent you from straining your neck or back whilst you sleep and therefore prevent sore and aching joints.