Divan Beds

    Memory Foam Divan Beds

    All our Divan Beds distribute your weight evenly across the base of the bed for a superior sleep. Our Divan Bed range offers space above and below. Unlike other Bed Frames, a Divan Bed Frame is only as big as your mattress meaning more floor space in your bedroom without compromising on comfort. They are also incredibly practical, with an ideal storage space underneath the mattress frame to help stay clutter free.

    Our Divan Beds offer the perfect base for your memory foam mattress. Made from the finest sanded timber with quality fabric finishes, our Divan Bed range offers a modern, clean look which is suitable for a variety of different tastes and decor. All our Divan Beds are available with additional options including a headboard and 2 drawers, perfect if you require additional storage space.

    We can also offer you further savings as all our beds come with an upgrade option to include a memory foam mattress. A luxurious and supportive memory foam mattress offers a wonderful night’s sleep and is a great way to make the most out of your new bed! Have a look at our buyers guides and see whether a memory foam divan bed is the right option for you!

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